Taplejung (Suketar) airport is now open for commercial flights.

  • Taplejung a town in Taplejung Municipality is the headquarters of Taplejung District in the Mechi Zone of Nepal.
  • Taplejung is in northeastern Nepal. The district is one of the most beautiful areas in eastern Nepal with spectacular landscapes, Himalayan peaks, and a wide range of flora and fauna. Alpine grassland, rocky outcrops, dense temperate and subtropical forests, and river valleys make up the region
  • The area is famous for Kanchenjunga (8586 mt) the third highest mountain in the world. Tea house Trekking/Camping both treks are very popular in Kanchanjunga region. Reaching Taplejung by air is by far the easiest way to start the Kanchenjunga Trek.
  • Olangchun-Gola including Yangma, Ghunsa, Lungthung, and Lelep was previously the restricted areas of the Taplejung district. Now they are open to foreign trekkers. Olangchungola area at the top of the Tamor River in the district of Taplejung which is the most remote part of the country. It is the Tibet border. Religion, language, dress, and social patterns are Tibetan in derivation. Olangchun-Gola has a great monastery and local people believe the monastery is one of the ancient, magical monasteries in the region. There is a unique culture and tradition. They celebrate with great fervor the social and religious festivals of Lhosar, Neso, Futuk, Sakadawa, Dhukpachhesi, and Ngyungnay. This region is popular for High Altitude trekking.
  • The Tamur River flows through the district.
  • Pathivara temple is also very famous among local people.

Flight details

Tara Air operates once a week flight for Taplejung which falls on Friday. But if there is demand we can operate charter flights whenever required. Flight duration is about 45-55 minutes from Kathmandu

  • The scheduled flight fare is as follows :
    US $ 255 + 22+2 = $ 279 per person for one way /Rs. 4190+2420+20=Rs.6810 per person
  • If charter, the cost is US 3600 per flight.
  • The per flight could carry a maximum of up to 14 pax


Outstation Sales Offices


Office: 019-450100
Humla/ Simikot
Office: 087-680060 , 680157
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Office 048-540250
Office: 097-5011026
Office: 038-520333
Office: 087-520107
Office: 083 520518
Office: 081-526556/7
Airport: 081-565013 / 565237
Dunai / Dolpo
Office: 087-551020
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Airport: 038-550099