Press Release - Taplejung Test Flight Completed Successfully



A test flight conducted today to Taplejung by a German built Dornier Do-228 Aircraft belonging to Tara Air was completed successfully. The flight operated by Captain Bodh Raj Niraula and Capt. Rajesh Shrestha took off from Kathmandu Airport around 09:50 am and landed successfully at -Taplejung Airport.
Representatives of CAAN led the panel of guests to board the flight. Duration of the Flight was 45 minutes From Kathmandu.
The report of the test flight will now be reported to CAAN and after the Green signal from them, the scheduled flight will commence. ‘We will be doing one flight a week to Taplejung to start with, said Mr.Saral S.J.B.Rana, Dy.Director, Sales & Marketing- Tara Air.
Tara Air is the only means of transportation to the rural Nepal. It has been giving consistent regular services to the people for a long time. It is expensive as well very risky to operate in the rural part with our Geographical Terrain but still Tara Air has never been shy of their commitment to the rural Nepal. It also does 1 flight a week to every STOL sector on a subsidized basis as part of their responsibility towards the society.
Roshan Regmi
Sales and Marketing

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