With it’s continued focus on safety and reliability Yeti Airlines and Tara Air have achieved the following aviation safety milestones

TUI Group approved air carrier in Nepal.

Yeti Airlines/Tara Air have been retained by TUI Group, the world’s largest Travel group (http://www.tuigroup.com/en), in their list of approved air carriers since 2007. Once every two years Yeti Airlines/Tara Air are subject to a stringent safety audit by TUI appointed safety auditors. The two airlines are retained by TUI for carriage of their passengers only if we pass this safety audit.

Besides Yeti Airlines and Tara Air only one other Nepalese airlines has been currently retained by the TUI Group in their approved air carrier list for Nepal, Tara Air being the only Short Take Off and Landing Operator (STOL)carrier.

United Nations World Food Programme(UN WFP) registered air carrier.

The UN WFP is the UN agency entrusted to broadly look after the humanitarian air transportation requirements of all the other different UN agencies. The UN WFP regularly contract air carriers for the transportation of civilians and UN staff for humanitarian work in different conflict or disaster hit areas such as Afghanistan, Sudan, Mali etc. In order to be registered with the UN WFP’s Air Carrier Short List, (ACSL) an air carrier must successfully complete the UN WFP’s Aviation Safety Unit (UN WFP ASU) safety audit. Once the UN WFP ASU audit is successfully completed by an airline it must be again successfully audited once every two years to retain it’s position in the UN ACSL.

Yeti Airlines and Tara Air are proud to state that they are the only fixed wing carriers from Nepal, and perhaps the whole of South Asia, to successfully complete the UN WFP ASU safety audit and be retained by the UN WFP in their Air Carrier Short List.

Operation Safety Assessment Audit by AMSSI

Yeti Airlines and Tara Air have on their own initiative retained the services of Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International (AMSSI), an internationally reputed safety audit firm, in order to help us achieve the highest degree of organizational safety possible given the nature of our operations and the constraints within our operational environment.

AMSSI has been contracted to conduct a thorough safety audit, based on the standards of IATA IOSA, of Yeti Airlines and Tara Air once every two years. Both airlines have successfully completed the first audit conducted by AMSSI in September 2014, paving the way for possible IATA recognition of our high safety standards in the near future.


Outstation Sales Offices


Office: 061- 464888 / 463888
Airport: 061- 465888
Office: 091- 520004
Airport: 091- 575067
Office: 021- 536612/13
Airport: 021460769
Office: 023- 455232
Airport: 023- 456242
Office: 081-526556/7
Airport: 081-565013 / 565237
Office: 069- 440068/9
Office: 056-533108
Office: 071- 527527 / 525880
Airport: 071- 527528
Office: 037- 540065
Airport: 037- 540251
Office: 029 630120, 029 630240
Office: 091- 450100
Humla/ Simikot
Office: 087- 680060
Office 048- 540250
Office: 025- 533094
Office: 9749010967
Office: 038- 520333
Office: 087- 520107
Office: 083 520518
Dunai / Dolpo
Office: 9748901039
Office: 036- 690001
Office: 038-550088
Kathmandu Airport
Marketing: 01- 4493901 / 4493428
Operation: 01- 4493426 / 4465337
Cargo: 01- 4113084
Office: 01- 4213012/13
Office: 01- 5546122 / 5546126