Simikot is a small town located in the Humla District of Karnali Pradesh in western Nepal. It serves as the administrative center of the district. Situated at an altitude of around 2,900 meters (9,514 feet), Simikot is known for its stunning mountain scenery and as a starting point for treks into the remote and rugged regions of far western Nepal, including the Limi Valley and the holy Mount Kailash in Tibet.

Despite its remote location, Simikot has been gaining attention from trekkers and travelers seeking adventure off the beaten path. The town has basic amenities such as guesthouses, shops, and communication facilities. It is also the gateway to the Limi Valley, which is famous for its untouched natural beauty, traditional Tibetan culture, and ancient monasteries.

Access to Simikot is mainly by air, with flights operating from Nepalgunj and occasionally from Kathmandu, although the schedules can be irregular due to weather conditions and other factors. Additionally, trekking routes connect Simikot to other parts of Nepal, making it an attractive destination for those looking to explore the remote Himalayan region.