This privacy policy describes our practices regarding the collection, storage and disclosure of information we collect from you when you access information on the Tara Air App reserves the right to modify this policy at any time and with no prior notice. The mobile app may access certain device information or components automatically. This access is only for the purpose of providing you with the services within the app. Device unique ID is used to check if the user has been registered or not depending on which the user will be navigated to the corresponding screen. It also takes your IP Address for the API usage. This feature is user initiated. The app stores the generated ticket in the mobile storage which needs write access to the device storage. You are also given the option to enter personal information when booking and paying for your ticket. This information includes your name, mobile number, nationality, etc. By visiting our website or mobile app, you acknowledge and agree that you have read and understand and agree to the terms and conditions.


Fare Category 

1. USD Fare:        Foreign nationals other than Indian/Nepali are entitled for USD fare.

2. INR Fare:         Indian nationals are entitled for Indian fare.

3. NRN Fare:

4. NRI Fare:

6. Refugee Fare:

Cancellation Policy for USD and Indian fare:


Child Discount & Baggage Policy (Below 12 yrs.):


Infant Fare (Below 2 yrs.):

Name Change Facility:


Ticket cancelled from Airlines side:


Refund Duration - Online Purchase:


Refund Duration- Purchased Via Travel Agencies:


“NO Show” Ticket: